Accomplished Leaders in Alternatives

We understand hedge funds. We understand investors. We understand effective communication. Simply put, we offer the expertise, possess the extensive network, and have developed the effective processes to establish successful, long-term relationships between like-minded fund managers and investors.

Our perspective is that of a sophisticated investor. Why would someone invest in a particular strategy and manager? It’s about a lot more than short-term performance. We understand investors – whether family offices, foundations, endowments, or pensions – and we work to find fund managers that will add value to each investor’s unique portfolio and mandate.

Our manager selection process is rigorous and highly selective. We endeavor to work only with managers that are best-of-breed. We are particularly adept at crystallizing, and communicating, the essence of what makes each manager and strategy special. Due diligence is an ongoing process. We are always learning. We are always asking questions.

Marketers need to understand markets, strategies, risk management, and portfolio theory to be truly effective and to make good use of investor’s time. We feel that marketing goes way beyond great relationships, and this is critical in how we distinguish ourselves.

Advisors need to understand the unique needs of each investor and manager. Our Senior management team consists of recognized industry leaders in alternative investment portfolio management and due diligence, with expertise honed at blue-chip institutions.

We are always looking for like-minded business partners to maintain the most effective global network of investors and managers. Our business partners are world-class.

At Middlemark Partners, we are committed to your success, which means placing integrity and alignment of interests above all else. For us, behaving with integrity at all times is paramount. Our interests are aligned with our clients, both managers and investors, and we measure ourselves only by their success. Our fees are a direct function of success: capital raised for managers and proper fit for investors. At Middlemark, every client is of equal priority, at all times. As such, we only work with a select group of clients and we strive to earn trust and demonstrate responsibility in all relationships.


Securities offered in the United States are through Seedchange Execution Services Inc. (member FINRA/SIPC). All members of the Middlemark team are registered representatives with Seedchange.