Middlemark Capital Raising

Middlemark Partners builds long-term relationships between best-of-breed funds/managers and long-term investors. Our investors include institutional investors, family offices, investment platforms, financial advisors, and fund-of-funds. Our managers are sourced globally. They are unique, passionate, and award-winning. We believe that emerging managers, as exemplified by those we partner with, are the best source of alpha.

Throughout our careers of vetting, marketing, and investing in alternative investments, we have collectively raised several billion dollars in hedge fund assets and overseen tens of billions of dollars in external manager mandates. Our knowledge is deep and our perspective is broad.

Middlemark’s alternative investment capital raising services are tailored for:

  • Managers seeking access to our extensive network of long-term investors,
  • Emerging managers expanding their footprint within or into North America,
  • New funds in need of seed capital fundraising, and
  • Hedge fund managers desiring a more robust institutional infrastructure.


We take great pride in selecting and partnering with world-class managers, and we never stop working to add value through our extensive resources and expertise. From the initial construction of a unique marketing plan to maintaining effective ongoing communication between our manager and investors, we will work tirelessly to add value to every professional relationship. We introduce investors to well-managed strategies that are additive to their portfolios, whether that means through outperformance, non-correlation, downside protection, stress risk mitigation, yield enhancement, short-term volatility reduction, or long-term appreciation.